Play Free Winter Wedding Makeover


Winter Wedding Makeover Game Description

Who says that weddings must be planned in summer time? Imagine a romantic wedding that is set in a winter wonderland with ice sculptures and silver bells.The wedding day is the happiest day in a girl’s life, the most luxurious and sophisticated event she has ever been, but also such a precious moment that she wishes never to end. That's why a girl must look exquisite and stylish. Everything was planned long before this joyful, special day, following the best bridal style guides deciding upon the perfect wedding gown, the most elegant, glamorous accessories and a fancy place where the ceremony will take place. Choose from white as snow gowns to one that suits her the best, a great hairdo, a beautiful, a colorful bouquet or maybe some silver jewelry that could form an eccentric bridal bouquet and remember that it's never too early to get fashion ideas to ensure your exquisite, stunning bridal look on your wedding day. Enjoy the most romantic wedding!