Play Free Super Embroidery Clothing


Super Embroidery Clothing Game Description

Summer is over, but another fabulous season begins, with great colors and big opportunities to look as fabulous as you can..As the mornings become cooler, you think to put away all your summer clothes. But don't rush! A little bit of creativity, some accessories and some style tips will help you keep some thin clothes in your autumn wardrobe. We all know that autumn is a difficult season, you must dress warmly, but also to keep up with fashion trends. Keep your thin shirts in the closet because you can wear them with a jacket and accessories it with a scarf. Gray, brown, white, black and blue are colors which are so welcome after last summer's abundance of color. Big bags are still trendy, as well as ugg boots, so is no need to change your wardrobe completely. Now that you've got these tips we want to see your skills as a fashionista.If you want to be sure that your autumn wardrobe is up to date with the latest fashion trends and this gorgeous fashionista is the best fashion counselor you can find! Just watch her starring in the golden autumn and showing you her most stylish clothes and accessories in shades of golden brown and teaching you everything about combining and accessorizing them till you've come up with the most stylish looks inspired by the fashion looks so admired on the catwalk this season. Enjoy!