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Stylish Casual Fashion Game Description

This New York diva is keen on fashion. Kesha is a cute girl with a fun, casual style. She's going shopping at the mall today with some of her girlfriends but isn't sure what to wear. Can you help her pick out a trendy outfit? Winter time is the perfect time to try new outfits. To invent styles and don't obey rules. Casual style is one of the most popular fashion styles and everyone can say that is adopting it. I guess you're not an exception and you also like the casual style, so take a look at this dress up game and let yourself be inspired by this girl's wardrobe. I'm sure you'll love it. Jeans , t-shirts,sporty jackets or super shorts, you have a wide range of clothing items. Check out Kesha's awesome winter wardrobe and help her find some fashionable outdoor and indoor winter outfits. You will find lots of fabulous clothes and accessories in her wardrobe, like cute blouses, sweaters, turtlenecks, waistcoats, skirts, tights, skinny jeans, scarves, bonnets, hats and boots.Dress her up by taking into account the latest trends. She must look pretty and fashionable! Good luck!Enjoy!