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Ski Lift Game Description

Winter sports are a lot of fun and I adore all of them. I often go out together with my friends and family to the mountains and we take the ski lift to the highest peak in order to ski on our way down. One of my girl friends joined us during our last trip and she loved the experience so much she actually decided to join us again next week. The trick is that my friend met a very cute boy on the ski lift last time we were in the mountains and now she's really excited about seeing him again. She started packing for this ski trip weeks ago and she only dreams about going on that ski lift again and seeing this cute boy one more time. She needs help choosing outfits that are appropriate for both skiing and walking in cold weather. Our girl needs gloves, hats, ear puffs, warm jackets, turtle necks and many other accessories that will keep her warm and make her look spectacular!