Play Free Selena Gomez Makeover


Selena Gomez Makeover Game Description

Selena Gomez is a very talented singer and actress and we all know who is her famous ex-boyfriend: our dearly beloved Justin Bieber! Now that the are not together anymore and Selena is a free girl, she wants to go out there and start dating. For her to gain a little confidence, she needs a new makeover. Why don’t you help her out? Start with the hair, because what other part is easier to change? You can go with a different style, a different color, or why not, both. Then move on to makeup and choose colors that you feel are right for this small brunette. Remember that she is a star, she will appear on stage and in many photos in magazines, so her makeup should be quite strong, but also flawless. Dress her up and accessorize with crazy items. Have a lot of fun!