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Princess Sweets Game Description

The reason why girls love candy is a very simple one and I'm sure you can guess it too: candy is delicious, colorful and impossible to resist. Our candy girl is not little anymore, she's actually a teenager now and she still loves candy more than anything and goes for candy hairstyles, candy outfits and she never leaves home without a candy in her purse, a pink purse that reminds you of candy! This fall, elegant girls will be considered the trendiest and the chicest! Maria loves to be elegant especially if she is attending a fancy party. Now she was invited at another event of this type, the after-party of an art gallery opening. Maria would like to look stylish and exquisite, but she also wants to respect the latest trends. Take a look into her huge wardrobe and try to find the perfect outfit for her. Combine all the elements that you find useful in order to make her look more than gorgeous.