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Princess Irene Flowers Game Description

Princess Irene is a big flower lover. She has her own garden and doesn't mind to get messy. But still, princesses are the most beautiful girls in the world. But if one of them is the princess of flowers, Irene. She is definitely the most beautiful of all! You can see that I am not lying by spending some time with this gorgeous flower princess, and help her comb her hair, choose her dresses and smell the flowers together. You will see that she is not only beautiful, but she is also very smart and kind. She loves to help people in need, and all the villagers love her because she gives them a lot of help with their daily house chores. I think this is how a princess should be, because if you only have beauty, it is much more probable that people envy you instead of appreciate you. So, dress up this little princess and have fun together!