Play Free Princess Beauty Secrets 2


Princess Beauty Secrets 2 Game Description

This princess is very beautiful and all the girls in the realm admire her. But what's her secret? You are the lucky one who will find out! Every week she has a beauty ritual. Start by washing her hair with shampoo to clean it up, then apply a scrub on her face to remove her imperfections. Use a roll-on lotion under her eyes to make the dark bags under them disappear. Apply a nose mask after a steamy towel to get rid of the black spots on it. Then you can apply a rejuvenating face mask and two slices of apples on the eyes. She can now lay down and you can sprinkle some rose petals around her for relaxation purposes. Apply a refreshing lotion and rub it in her body through massage, a nourishing lotion and a moisturizing cream. Then you can apply a fun make-up to emphasize her features. Enjoy playing this game!