Play Free Patissier Elsa


Patissier Elsa Game Description

Don’t tell anyone but Elsa has taken up a summer job! It looks like she secretly enjoys a little warmth and sunshine. Elsa is currently working as a pastry chef in a little shop – I can’t tell you exactly where because it’s top secret! This ice queen is actually quite the baker and knows a lot about decorating cakes. You would never guess that she would enjoy something like that, but it turns out she has a blast. I’m sure that her sister Anna and snowman friend Olaf miss her, but the summer will be over soon and then Elsa will be ruling over her kingdom once again. She will have to go from making scones to making ice towers, but she can adapt to change pretty well. You can dress Elsa up in an outfit very different from her usual sparkly blue gown in this game. How weird is it to see Elsa wearing pastry chef clothes? I think she should wear them more often, don’t you?