Play Free NYC Spa Pedicure


NYC Spa Pedicure Game Description

I'm sure you've met my best friend Paula, girls! She's a girl who lives down the street from my house and she has been my BFF since forever. Paula and I do everything together: we go shopping, we study, we get out hair done and we even get manicures and pedicures. Paula loves a pretty pedicure and she actually likes getting a pedicure more than a manicure. Personally, I prefer a cute manicure any day, but Paula is not like that. today we're trying out this new pedicure salon at the mall because we heard they give excellent pedicures and Paula really wants to get one right now. She's very picky, this one, girls! she only likes a few nail polish colors and she is picky about her patterns too. Giving Paula a pretty pedicure is no walk in the park!