Play Free High Class Heels


High Class Heels Game Description

Today you have the great chance to be a show designer. We all love shoes and creating a pair of shoes is a dream came true! The search of the perfect shoe is maybe an endless quest, but trying to design your own shoes is the perfect opportunity to put in practice your ideas. You can choose the shape, the color, the design and the prints. How great is that? Create a wonderful pair of stylish high heels, it is easy and fun! in fashion, a good pair of shoes speaks a million words and women around the world know that fashion shoes can make your day, give you confidence and bring sun shine over a really dark day. These cute fashion shoes I have for you today are my favorite heels in the world. I have at least ten pairs in different colors and i love spicing them up when I get bored. I add flowers, bows, little stars and other cute accessories to make my fashion shoes even more fashionable than they are. Give my decorating technique a chance and see if you like spicing your shoes my way, ladies! Good luck! Have the courage to free your imagination.