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Halloween Costumes 2 Game Description

This amazing model is for the first time on the American catwalk is participating in a major fashion event inspired from Halloween trends: heavy make-up, lots of black items, feathers, leather and studs.Serena is an international modeling star! She's doing a fashion runway show in New York this week, the Halloween week and needs your help choosing the perfect look for her American modeling debut. Help her look high fashion in a edgy Halloween inspired outfit in this fun modeling runway event! The after party is going to be tonight with lots of friends invited, girls that dress up all day for fun and prepared a lot for this party and boys that will look out for the best costume. She has something in mind. This cute fashionista wants to dress up as a witch, so help her choose a really cool costume, mask and hairstyle to stun the other guests with. So girl be ready, help Serena dress up real' nicely and give some advice to this lovely girl as well.. and have fun tonight!