Play Free Fashion High Heel 2


Fashion High Heel 2 Game Description

Shoes are a girl’s best friends and wearing them should be comfortable, fun and fabulous at the same time. But it is s hard to find a pair that fits perfectly, so why not try to be a designer yourself and create the ideal pair of shoes. Oh, and high heels are mandatory! Nothing compares to them and the shape they give to a woman’s leg. Choose the front part and the heel, which can be traditional or more modern. You can of course think about wedges, that have the same high heel shape, but are more easy to wear. Decide on the colors and patterns you want for your shoes and put your imagination to the test. You can ornate them with colorful stickers if you want to give them more personality and you can also choose great accessories for your legs, like socks, ankle bracelets or tattoos. Enjoy!