Play Free Fabulous High Heel Style


Fabulous High Heel Style Game Description

High heels are a symbol of elegance and grace and almost all girls have a pair of high heels in their closet. You were offered the chance to design a pair of high heels for the spring collection of a designer and this is a great opportunity to practice your creativity. This pair of high heels will arrive after that in the local shops, so try your best and customize it as nicely as possible. You have a lot of options so you are free to try any combination you want. Being a shoe designer is great and fun!Today you have the great chance to be a show designer. We all love shoes and creating a pair of shoes is a dream came true! The search of the perfect shoe is maybe an endless quest, but trying to design your own shoes is the perfect opportunity to put in practice your ideas. You can choose the shape, the color, the design and the prints. How great is that? Create a wonderful pair of stylish high heels, it is easy and fun! Good luck! Have the courage to free your imagination.