Play Free Editor's Pick: Shopping 4 Summer


Editor's Pick: Shopping 4 Summer Game Description

Who wants to go shopping 4 summer? Every new summer brings along a set of changes in our routine and it comes with a new wardrobe as well! That means it is time to go shopping for new clothes and accessories, taking advantage of the sales season and the fantastic low prices in all your favorite stores, girls! You can find good bargains after the New Year and that makes shopping even more entertaining. Go shopping with Mia and her best friend Barbie and check out the new dresses, tops, jeans and accessories they have just bought. Katie is renewing her spring and summer wardrobe, Mia needs a pretty dress for this Saturday night, as she is going clubbing. Design lots of outfits for Mia and Barbie and have fun going shopping for new fashion articles, girls! Remember to take a look at the latest fashion magazines before you start buying things,ladies!