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Cool College Style Game Description

OMG! School is in session!A new college day is a new fashion challenge for college girl Debbie! Look through her college outfits and get her chic school fashion look! Cool shirts, a hot tie, a twirly skirt and colorful stockings will accomplish her looks. A college outfit can look really fashionable, it's not for nerds, but for cool fashionistas. Don't forget the hairband that will keep her rebellious hair from hiding her pretty face. The school hall could become a catwalk. So many youngsters and fashionistas, you bet there is style competition. If she wanna be the college fashion queen bee,she should follow your instructions. If your are into fashion bags, hairband you should try on the khaki vest, a white, classic tee, some dark skinnies and red pumps. Don't forget the huge one shoulder bag. Heads will turn. I can assure you. College fashion is not something that you could joke about and you can be comfy and fashionable with a college outfit. Enjoy this dress up game!