Play Free Christmas Fab Nails


Christmas Fab Nails Game Description

Christmas is here and I've heard that you are having a slumber party tonight with your girlfriends!!! That means that you are having a total makeover, inclusive making your hands look cooler for the this year's Santa party. The theme for this winter wonder a Christmassy look for your pretty nails. Use your creativity and decorate your nails with unique nail polish colors, shiny rings and colorful bangles. Live the white dream of Christmas! You are given free options to let your imagination roam for manicures and the styling of fingernails. You can decorate your nails in all kinds of different colors and patterns. Also, you can choose from rings and bracelets so your hands are the prettiest. If you like when you have pretty colored nails you would love to draw some beautiful pictures on nails.You have all night to choose colors and stickers that are Christmas themed! Enjoy this nails game!