Play Free Barbi's Bejeweled Collars


Barbi's Bejeweled Collars Game Description

Barbi loves discovering new ways to add a dash of femininity into her fall ensembles and this season it's easier then ever with the growing popularity of Peter Pan collars. The style was made popular in 1905 by Broadway star, being the iconic portrayal of Peter Pan. This feminine accent has been popping up each decade, trends always rotating. But this fall rounded collars are back and more embellished than ever. Being an accessory addict, Barbi needs to own every piece of this hand-made jewelry. Expect to see in this amazing dress up game Peter Pan collars made from various fabrics, faux furs, chains, studs, and even leather. Her favorite collar is the floating one. Mine is the studded one. Choose flirty, floating dresses for a tea party, and for a office day at work, the most suitable is the white shirt with silver spiked collar, matching some black suiting pants. This favorite childhood character is now a true inspiration to fashion lovers everywhere. That's why Barbi urges us all to try adding this sweet vintage trend into your wardrobe this fall. Enjoy this trendy and chic dress up game!