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Barbie Pet Doctor Game Description

We might not like doctors much and we always try to visit them as rarely as possible them but when such a nice nurse receives us in the consulting room we just forget about any fear.Everybody admires nurses because they are always willing to help and make people healthier. Plus I think any girl dreams to be a nurse and help people, talk to them and take care of them. They take their time to listen to people, patiently asking questions about health problems and carefully looking to take their medicine Being a nurse is not easy. However, even nurses need to have a nice outfit during their work. But your admiration and amazement grows when you see a sweet nurse, all dressed up and fashionable. I can assure you that they definitely have a trendsetter friend like yourself to guide them. Pick out for this sweet nurse in a nice shirt, skirt and a doctor's gown. Then do not forget to do her hair and and pick out some nurse hat. Enjoy!