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Barbie Mermaid Princess Game Description

There is a whole world under the sea! Besides funny, colorful fishes, there are cute and mesmerizing mermaids. Aquarina is the youngest of the mermaids but she has terrible tastes in clothing. Find her fish-tastic outfit to impress the other mermen. Choose from fun fins, colorful scales, long, beautiful, extra-volumed hair and bikini tops of sea shells! Aquarina lives in the castle under the deep, blue see. This little mermaid princess is one of a kind, just like you. She is so playful and funny and everyday many colorful fishes come and play with her. She loves them and the blue deep sea. Because she is a true mermaid and she wants to be as colored as she can, to be confused with a pretty, quick fishy, dress her up. Oh, she really wants to be a cute mermaid princess and have more pretty fish to play with. And because today is her special birthday lets find the perfect outfit for the birthday mermaid girl! Enjoy this dress up game!