Play Free Barbie Marilyn Style


Barbie Marilyn Style Game Description

There is no girl in this world who hasn't admired the Marilyn Monroe style! Barbie is a big fan of famous American actress, model and singer. So why won't you give it a try and make Barbie look like a 1950s Marilyn Monroe fashion diva? Check out Barbie's Marilyn style fashion collection and dress up Barbie in stylish vintage Marilyn Monroe dresses, tops, skirts and accessories. Give Barbie a Marilyn Monroe diva look, dressing Barbie up in an elegant 1960s polka dots dress or in a stunning vintage white Marilyn Monroe dress. Design a Barbie Marilyn style outfit for each dress, choosing the perfect heels, diamond earrings, gold necklace and vintage hat to go with it. Or you can dress up Barbie in a classic polka dots shirt matched with a vintage Marilyn style skirt, fabulous Marilyn Monroe hairstyle and a chic Marilyn style hair band, purse or umbrella. Marilyn style suits Barbie perfectly and it is up to you, girls, to show Barbie your amazing fashion stylist skills, dressing Barbie up in spectacular Marilyn style attires. Have a fabulous time playing Barbie Marilyn Style dress up game!